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There always comes a time when one needs to sell his used car. Easy this decision maybe, it is not that easy a task. Lots of things need to be taken care of, checked and put in order. When one decides to sell off a car the first thing that he needs to do is do proper advertising. Without it, the vehicle would get sold but the price at which it goes might not be of complete value.
There are many ways one can adopt today to spread out the word for a car available on sale. The most obvious one is to contact the local newspaper and get an ad printed giving out car specifications and a contact number along with your name. A small and necessary detailed ad usually costs up to $30 to $50. An ad can be made to run over for a several days however, it is more sensible to place an advertisement in the Sunday newspaper as on that day it always has more readers hence more people get aware of your offer.
Another way might be to put up a notice in the shops and departmental stores around the neighborhood. Places like the Wal-mart usually have public notice words where people can put up notices for free for as long as they want. It is also a guarantee that people will look at your message and find out about the offer.
A third option can be to paste an ad on your car that you want to sell or any other vehicle that you use for work daily. Put up the car model number and other important details along with a number to call you on. A lot of people are surely going to notice it and contact you if they are in need of a car like the one you are selling.
Next comes the step of cleaning and washing up your car. Make sure your car is spick and span and looks good at sight.

Clean up the interior, seat covers and all the mats. Make them stain free and air out your car by leaving the windows open for a few hours so that no foul smell keeps lingering on. Use an air freshener for a more pleasant effect. The effort would not go to waste as a cleaner looking car is more likely to sell.
After this, you will have to get your car checked by your mechanic. Ask him to run a complete check for all parts and make sure they are in good running condition. In case if there is a problem somewhere, get it fixed and save the bills for later showing it to your potential buyer. A car gone through all the mechanical checks always has more value than a car with issues.
In the end, make sure you have all the documents related to your car sorted out and at hand so that they are available to show to the buyer if he asks for them. That’s about all the important things that need to look upon before selling off your used vehicle.