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Sell your car

Sell Your Car

Trying to sell your car online can be a difficult, time consuming process. However, there are some tips that can help you sell your car faster and get as much money as possible for your vehicle.

Take Clear Pictures

When trying to sell your car, make sure you take clear pictures of the vehicle from multiple angles. For the best overall pictures try to take your photos in the morning or late afternoon and avoid taking pictures at night. If the car has any damage, take clear pictures of the damage. Including clear pictures in your listing will help you sell your car and avoid wasting time showing it to prospective buyers that would not have come to look at it if you had taken better pictures.

Fair Pricing

Asking a fair price or slightly less than the car’s value for your vehicle will help you sell your car faster. To find a fair price for your vehicle, use a price guide like Edmunds or Kelley Blue Book. You can obtain print copies of these books at most booksellers or use their online service to find the value of your car. If you are selling a classic car or car that has been heavily modified the value may differ from what is stated in the Edmunds guide or Kelley Blue Book.

Be Honest

Be honest about the condition of your vehicle. If the car has body damage, even minor dents, you should disclose that information when you are trying to sell your vehicle online. Operational problems and any upholstery or interior damage should also be disclosed when you are trying to sell your car.

Add a Vehicle History Report

A detailed vehicle history report helps buyers feel comfortable that all of the information you are giving when you are trying to sell your car is completely factual and accurate.

Many people won’t buy a used car without a vehicle history report because they are worried that there will be undisclosed damage or operational problems, and once they pay for the vehicle they will have little to no recourse for getting their money back.