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The Benefits Of Video Entry Systems

Intercom systems have long been adopted by multiple occupancy residences in order to allow occupants the opportunity to identify visitors before either allowing or denying them entry to the property. With modern technology as advanced as it is, video entry systems have become more popular because they allow even greater security and are more affordable while offering a high level of quality. Video entry systems are also useful in single occupancy residences and office buildings providing complete security and convenience to the building proprietors.


Flats and gated communities or gated properties benefit greatly from video entry systems. A visitor simply presses the intercom button alerting the residents that somebody is outside. Rather than having to traipse down several flights of stairs or step out of the front door, the property owner can check the identity of the visitor and then buzz them in.


Without adequate intercom systems, blocks of flats will often need to leave doors unlocked allowing anybody to enter and exit as they please. With video entry systems, main doors can remain locked and only be opened when a visitor has been identified. This offers a secure living environment for everybody concerned.

Multiple Residencies

Multiple residencies, including blocks of flats, have a number of difficulties when it comes to receiving visitors. Several flights of stairs or a long trek down a driveway or private road may be required before the resident even knows who wants to get in. By offering video entry systems, landlords can offer their tenants a convenient, easy to use, and secure method of allowing or denying entry to property.

Video Entry Systems

Video entry systems can be fitted with up to 16 or more entry buttons, and with each residency having its own video monitor and door phone. As soon as somebody buzzes to be let in, video footage of them will be broadcast onto the video phone so that the property owner or tenant can determine whether or not to let them in. If you dont even want to acknowledge youre in, then theres no need to pick up the phone or speak to the other person.