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Disney’s Cinderella is a classic image of timeless beauty inside and out. Just as Cinderella blossomed into a beautiful young woman in the Disney classic movie, users can help Cinderella dazzle with a makeover using free online games that are sure to please Prince Charming. Take on the role of Fairy Godmother to transform Cinderella’s appearance from her dress down to her shoes with these family-friendly games.

Cinderella Makeover Dress Up Game

Help Cinderella become presentable for an appearance by designing a look for the Disney princess to wear.

On the left hand side, chose one of 18 basic starting points for the princess, featuring appointing a hair color and hair cut for her royalty. Following, drag accessories you wish Cinderella to wear featured along the screen to where you desire the object to be placed. Fashion Cinderella with necklaces, hair accessories, dress, and even makeup that you think she would look paramount in.

Cinderella Dress Up Game

Create a new look for Cinderella by appointing the princess with a new dress, hair color, and accessories. Fantasy music keeps designers motivated to find the right look, by clicking on an object they want Cinderella to wear, and watching the item instantly appear on the Disney royalty. Users can chose an outfit and background color of their choice, and save their finished product if desired.

Play Cinderella

Set on an outdoor terrace overlooking the ocean, Cinderella needs help finding an outfit to wear for the prince. With 25 dresses to chose from along with countless accessories, guests can design the perfect outfit for the princess to wear for her night with Prince Charming. Select a dress or accessory by right clicking on the object with your mouse, and drag the object onto the princess. Outfits can be changed as many times as desired. When you have created the final product, you can either print Cinderella’s look, or restart to design something else.

Disney Princess Cinderella Makeover

Give Cinderella a makeover, providing her royalty with the perfect outfit for a princess. Browse through the four different categories of dresses, shoes, tiaras, and necklaces to create the perfect ensemble. Decide between the Cinderella’s signature look with a new twist, or a unique creation all together. At the bottom of the page, there’s a code allowing you to post the Cinderella makeover game to your own page or website to use whenever you want.