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For male PC gamers, action and adventure  are the primary factors, explains Jannis Wlachojiannis of “Lost in Space,” a counselling service of the Caritas charitable organisation.(Toshiba laptop batteries)

Unlike girls, boys want to get together with people who share their opinions and form teams to take on others. Even when playing violent games, the violence itself is not the focus.(Sony laptop batteries)

Boys also display a high measure of discipline and reliability during games that their parents might not otherwise notice in them during everyday interactions.

Girls prefer games focused on communication and cooperation, Wlachojiannis reports.

They like to chat with friends or play games like The Sims in which they have to build up communities together. Boys tend to prefer slipping into the role of healer or warrior.

“They choose characters whose power gives them exceptional status in the community and which allows them to persevere against others,” Wlachojiannis explains.

Even before they buy a PC or gaming console for their children, parents should give thought to what their child may play and why. Simply rejecting games as nonsensical time-wasters doesn’t help, the Caritas counsellor says. Those kind of opinions run the risk of severing contact with children and the things they experience in the game.(dell laptop batteries)

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