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One doubts whether the cynics with only words full of scorn for Outsourcing IT Services in India have gone down or not. There must be many out there, for one still does come across a lot of criticism levied on this process that is said to benefit only the conventional pursuers. A close look at their pedigree, and you get to know a different story altogether. IT Offshore Outsourcing Services provided by Indian vendor are supposedly the best across the world.

The way Indian vendors have gone about providing their services, it has been there for the world to see. There have been laurels, plaudits, applause and appreciation. Then why blame them? Are the grounds to blame them concrete? Is the blame justified? It the services were nonsense, why would clients everywhere still hire them? Would they not just turn a blind eye and pursue something different?

They have the infrastructure. They invest money heavily on setting things right. They hire skilled professionals to carry a particular job out. They make these individuals work on state of the art tools. They pay them well. They enforce stringent quality compliance rules, ensuring their work goes through multiple levels of quality check before finally getting delivered to the client. They provide post project maintenance services to clients. They do all of this and much more.

Now why would anyone not want to hire IT Offshore Outsourcing Services from India given the array of benefits one gets? Outsourcing IT Services to Indian vendors, given the benefits above, indeed turns out to be the best thing to happen to clients.

The ratio of success to failure in case of these services can be safely pegged at 95:5. That is for every 95 successful projects, there might be 5 where things do not turn out completely the way clients may want them to. This is one of the best ratios that can ever be seen or analyzed.

Statistics show that whilst Outsourcing IT Services to Indian Companies, it is always Game On! Their track record is indeed overwhelming. You cannot deny they lend a personal touch to the projects they take up. Neither is there any denial about the quality and efficacy coming through IT Offshore Outsourcing Services in India. The applications coded and designed here have always added something wonderful to clients and given them a lot of reasons to cheer about.

Remitting the blame entirely on Indian companies saying they are responsible for failed projects would be very unreasonable. With so many success stories being heard about left, right and centre, it is completely unbelievable the entire project went bust because of them putting a foot wrong.

They work very hard with an overwhelming commitment to ensure the projects they take up are always turning out as successful. Clients know they have the right vendors, know everything is there for a successful project in the making and are aware of the high ratio of success.

So there should be no room or reason for ‘Blame’, as the ‘Game’ itself is yielding desirable results!