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From as early as the 1950′s there have been reports of people finding alien children both dead and living and there are some websites on the internet dedicated to alleged alien life forms. These pages feature numerous pictures thought to be pictures of real aliens that have been found throughout the years.

There are numerous persons who believe unconditionally that these images of adult and baby aliens are real while others think that they are well organized hoaxes. Some say the babies are malformed, while still others believe that they are ordinary human children with diseases or deformities.

Whatever they are, the reality is that some movies and pictures cannot be explain like the movie of the alien baby found in 2007 by a farmer in Mexico named Marao Lopez. He is said to have discovered the alien infant alive and drowned it in a ditch out of fear because it appeared so bizarre. Lopez said that it took 3 tries to drown the creature and that he had to keep it beneath the water for several hours before it eventually died.

The remains was handed over to university researcher who performed DNA examinations and scans to try and identify the corpse. Two years later the scientists publicized the results of their test which they argued showed that the creature is not human. They say the bones of the creature has lizard-like characteristics but its teeth do not contain any roots like humans, it has some similar joints like humans, and it would be able to stay under water for an extended time.

The creature’s eyes, ears and cranium were said to be larger than that of other upright earth animals and it was covered in a thin coating of skin. The back section of the creature’s brain especially was big and therefore researchers concluded that it was very clever. However, by the time the corpse of the animal was handed over to scientists they said it had decayed too much to generate any coherent DNA results.

To further add to the mystery connected to the extraterrestrial infant, Lopez was later discovered burnt to death in a parked vehicle on the side of the road. It is said that the fire was a far higher temperature than that of regular fires and it is thought that the parents of the alien infant are the ones accountable for Lopez’ killing as reprisal because he killed the creature.

It is stated that there are numerous UFO sightings and crop circles in the vicinity where the alien baby was found and that there was a another creature there when Lopez discovered the creature but that the second alien ran away. A few think that the child was left behind deliberately by aliens but there is no clarification as to why.

While there are some who strongly believe that the extraterrestrial baby is real, others are skeptic and do not consider the proof to be enough. Check out the pictures and videos and you decide for yourself.