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Driving abroad can be a whole different ball game. From remembering which way to go round a roundabout to trying to decipher foreign signs, there are plenty of things to worry about. However, many people are so concerned with worrying about the actual driving once they are over in the foreign country, they forget to make the necessary checks before they go. When driving abroad making sure your vehicle is suitable beforehand is very important.

One of the first things to check is that all your documents are in order. You will need your driving licence (both parts), passport, vehicle insurance, an international driving permit (if needed for a particular country) and the original vehicle documents. Failure to supply can sometimes result in police action.

It is also necessary to check you have international insurance and break down cover, as some policies may only cover you within the UK.

Finally there are various vehicle checks you must undertake. Many European countries state you must carry warning triangles and high viability vests with you at all times. There is also a need to adjust your headlights so you don’t dazzle oncoming traffic.

One way to avoid all the hassle and expense of making your vehicle worthy for European driving is to take part in car hire instead. Companies will take care of the regulations for you, and the insurance is often fully comprehensive, meaning you do not have to worry about this. With many cheap car hire companies out there, this is becoming a more and more sensible option. With car hire there are hundreds of cars to choose from, to match your needs whatever they may be. So why not check out some of the cheap car hire companies out there, and save yourselves the hassle of making your vehicle right for the sometimes tight European regulations.