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My cousin and I were talking about rich people one day. She has simply end reading the latest issue of Forbes 500 and started talking about the lifestyles of the rich. “I will’t believe Bill Gates is not in the high spot. He has been number one for years.” “Yeah. He donates most of his money to charity that is why, however $50 one thing billion continues to be a big amount.” “Imagine if you have that sort of amount. What would you are doing?” “Well, I would build a stunning however unassuming house. It is tough to live thus luxuriously. I’d be a favorite target of criminals. I’d invest most of it in mutual funds, stocks and real estate. However since I am a techie, most of my furniture within the house would be high end and high tech.” “Aw. That’s boring. If I got that kind of money, I’d purchase a yacht, a small jet and a fleet of cars.” “Ok. I guess I will indulge in a fancy car.” She looks at me disbelievingly. “Ok. Cars. I assume I will get for myself a Jaguar XKR, an Audi TT and a Lexus SUV.”

“However I suppose these can all simply be a dream cuz.” “We might never be this filthy rich. We have a tendency to will all finish up as employee is some company.” “Hey. If we tend to will simply be employees, a minimum of allow us to be rich employees. Do you recognize what industry pays massive greenbacks? Advertising!” “Haha really?” “Yeah. Why don’t you and I attempt to be advertisers?” “I will do that. I can convince anyone to shop for anything,” I bragged. “Thus how regarding strive selling this keyboard?” “Hmm. Get this keyboard currently for it’s the foremost ergonomically designed keyboard in the world!” “That’s lame cuz.” “How about convince the individuals to play Bratz games?” “Bratz games? Ok.

Do you wish to have countless hours of pure fun? Do you would like to experience sensory bliss? Then play Bratz games! These games are designed by the best flash games designer in the business. With the Bratz dolls as your characters, Bratz games will surely give you with best gaming expertise that you simply truly deserve. So what are you anticipating? Play Bratz games now for the discerning gamer in you!” “Thus how did I do?” “Ha ha. That is not therefore bad cuz. The method you promote the games, you make it sound like it is as refined as Halo 3 or as immersive as World of Warcraft.” “Of course. I told you I am good at this. I might even convince Eskimos to buy refrigerators for his or her igloos!” “Braggart! Haha However with those convincing skills, I’m positive you may be included in Fortune five hundred in no time. If you are already super rich, do not forget to shop for me a Ferrari California Ok?” “Haha. Sure. What is a Ferrari California to a billionaire like me?” I gave a pretend bored yawn. “Come on. Allow us to strive enjoying that game I thus zealously advertised.”