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beijing games 2008

Beijing is the capital of China. As a Chinese, I want to see our capital very much. And 2008 Olympic Games was held in Beijing. The Olympic venue is very special. So when I got a chance to Beijing, I was bursting to go.

My friend and I went to Beijing by train. Because we went to Beijing on business, we had no time during the days. At night, we went to see the Tian An Men Square. The Forbidden City is very large and spectacular. Unfortunately, we couldnt enter to visit the inside of the Forbidden City, for it was closed. By the way, the night scene there was very beautiful.

After visiting the ancient building, we went to a modern shopping streetWang Fu Jing Street. It is a good place to buy some souvenirs for your families. And I bought cloth shoes and bracelets which are only sold in Beijing. The prices were a lot expensive to me. But it was my first to Beijing, I should buy something for my families and the gifts stood for my mind.

Then it was the second day. In the morning, we went to the Olympic venue by subway. I saw the big nest with my own eyes. It is beautiful and spectacular. It is a great building. However, because we have no much time, we couldnt visit the inner part. Also, I bought some souvenirs about Beijing Olympic Games and the big nest.

Of course, we ate Peking roast duckthe special local product. It was very delicious. I liked it. The only thing we regretted was we didnt go to see the Great Wall, for it was too far away from the hotel we lived in.

I took many photos and I wanted to tell people who I know that I visited Beijing. And I will visit the capital again. At that time, I will visit the Great Wall, and the inside of the Forbidden City and the big nest.