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baby shower games

A party is complete only if the guests enjoy it till it is time to go home. The tradition of baby shower dates back to many centuries. It an occasion celebrated in different corners of the world in many different ways. The joy of having a baby touches all human beings alike, irrespective of cast, creed and community. The custom of baby shower has been devised to drench the mom-to be with all the happiness and wishes. Celebrate it to the hearts content with fun filled games and giggles.

Start planning for the games with a word of caution in the mind. Since, everything that is done or said on that day revolves round the soon to be mom, outdoor games arent a good idea. Plan something that is not too much physically exertive and yet immensely entertaining. If the games involves too much running round then naturally the lady for this occasion is organized will be have to be left out. On the other hand one must not go for such games take long hours to conclude. Such long fetched games will rob the party of its tempo. The games that require short hours and simple equipments suit the occasion perfectly.

The game ideas for baby shower are abundant on the internet. Try finding out the one that will appeal the new mom. Alternatively try conceptualizing one fresh game. It will not be something new but also entertain the guests in a way they have never experienced. Remember, that all the guests have gathered to celebrate the impending birth of the baby. So, organize games that have themes concerning baby, its birth and its child hood.

Tease the mom-to-be with the sweet guess me game. Make her sit comfortably, and then blind fold her. Make sure that the fold is not too hard. Then tell to identify the guests by just touching them. In another variant of the game, she has to correctly identify items concerning to the baby. Place a box filled up with baby items in front of her and tell her to pick one item after another and identify it.

Fairytales are an integral part of everyones childhood. Make them as an interesting backdrop for the baby shower games. Play such games like who am I. Place cards relating to popular fairy tale or Disney character, tell each guest to pick up and declare her to be same character as on the card. It is much more fun if the guests are told to guess the character on the card they have picked. The one who makes the correct guess is the winner.

Other games like name the baby, tie the diaper, in which guests have to tie diapers on doll while being blind folded, pass the bal in which the guests have to odd jobs if they fail to pass one the ball while the music is on, truth and dare, measure my tummy, quiz games, name the bay, etc are full of amusement.