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According to a census conducted in the year 2006, Brisbane is Australia’s third largest city in terms of population. This is indicative of its popularity as a place for living and prospering. The city is actually a safe haven for all races and cultures and highly preferred by people for settling down.

The city of Brisbane
Located in the south eastern corner of Australia, in Queensland, the city of Brisbane is settled along the river Brisbane. The business world of Brisbane mostly thrives in the Central Business District, which exists within a walk-able curve formed by the Brisbane River. The city is hardly an hour drive from the Sunshine coast.

Weather in Brisbane
Brisbane enjoys a subtropical weather, which denotes humid hot summers and dry but mild winters. The best part is that you witness all the four variations in the seasons, however, incidences of torrential rains and even hail stones at times are not unheard of.

Governance in Brisbane
This capital city of Queensland is renowned for its low crime rate and sole control of the local government in The Brisbane City Council. In fact, Brisbane’s local government is the largest of all in Australia in terms of its budget and the population it governs.

Jobs in Brisbane
The city offers both blue-collar and white-collar jobs to its residents. This implies that the city has multitude of jobs in IT industry, education sector, public sector and financial services. These jobs are mainly concentrated in the Central Business District of the city. The blue collar jobs exist in industries including paper milling, metal working, petroleum refining, railway workshops etc.