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Harbin is a key communication, scientific, cultural, economic, and political center in northeastern China. It is the 10th largest center in China. Harbin is located on the southern banks of the Songhua River. It is the capital of the Heilongjiang province in northeast China. The term for sale by owner (FSBO) is used when the owner of a property sells their commercial, rental, or home property without the benefit of a real estate agent. Because realtors commissions usually range anywhere from between 5% and 7% of the sale price, the decision to sell your home yourself can mean a lot of money in your pocket. There are numerous things that you can do to help sell your house, especially if you live in China, including placing classified real estate advertisement in the Harbin classifieds website on the Internet. You can also place an advertisement in the local newspaper. Newspaper advertisements are usually limited to only a few sentences, therefore you should try to write informative and interesting advertisement using as few words as possible. In both the Harbin classifieds and in the newspaper advertisement you should write a strong opening statement with regard to your home. The statement should be something like, “A beautiful four bedroom two bathroom ranch that is located on a waterfront lot”. Don’t forget to make note of the one or two primary benefits or benefits of the property in the first few words the advertisement. You should include things such as “easy access to major highways” or “located close to schools”. You advertisement in the Harbin classifieds should also list the number of bathrooms and bedrooms and whether or not it has a garage and your asking price. Don’t try include too many details, but include enough facts to generate some interest. Be honest and include a couple of descriptive sentences. Most buyers want to work with sellers that they feel they can trust. Don’t try to cover up flaws or exaggerate details. On either the newspaper or Harbin classifieds remember to list your contact information and your name. If you have a website that features the property or the house, add that link. Be sure to write a closing statement that encourages buyers to contact you. Something such as “Please call us to schedule an appointment to view the house.” Finally, proofread the advertisement to ensure that there are no grammatical or typographical errors. Try reading the advertisement out loud to see how it sounds.