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The classified ads script is an easy to use script that enables businesses and individuals to create their own classified ads website by following a few simple steps. The classified ads starter kit, for instance, provides a complete solution for the creation of a website consecrated to the listing and management of classified advertisements.


The classified ads script has been designed with a view to facilitating the work of those who want to start up a classified ads website and do not know how to proceed. Featuring an unlimited number of categories and subcategories, the classified ads script will enable you to create as many levels as you want, depending on how complex you want your website to be. In addition, the classified ads software will give you the possibility of adding custom fields under the form of a text area, text box or checkbox for each area that you define. As far as billing features are concerned, it is worth mentioning that the classified ads software enables website administrators to create as many billing plans as they deem fit and to easily view the entire billing history, to search for specific transactions and to sort transactions function of date, amount, payment method, etc.


Other important features of the classified ads script are the vast communication options available for website administrators, as well as for the users of classified ads. In more concrete terms, the classified ads software enables administrators to send mass mails to all their subscribers, by using the mass mail feature, to easily send private messages only to some of the website members and, last but not least, to create newsletters that will give them the possibility of staying in touch with their members and of communicating with them on a permanent basis.

The viewing options meant to help visitors find exactly what they are looking for have also been designed with a view to facilitating the visitors’ search: thus, visitors will instantly be able to see price, description, photo, etc., provided that they search specifically in the category of ads that they are interested in.


When purchasing a classified ads script, one should also pay great attention to listing options: more specifically, it is recommended to look for an classified ads software that is easy to use and that will pose no problems to the administrators of classified ads websites or to members of such a website, who pay in order to post their ads and will not be very happy if the process by means of which they can post their ads in long and complicated. To recap, a classified ads script should be chosen after a thorough analysis of its listing, billing, communication and account management features and after making sure that the potential subscribers to a classified ads website will not face any difficulties when posting an advertisement or managing their account.