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When it comes to advertising, a new window washer needs to maximize their advertising space. One of the few physical locations a window cleaner can advertise besides their t-shirt is on their vehicle. These two of course are probably the least effective forms of advertising but should be done anyways. Every little thing helps, it also creates a professional company image for your clientele to trust you and feel confident in your services.

There are many different aspects to consider when advertising on your vehicle as there are several different options available to choose from. Perhaps the three most common are car wraps, vinyl lettering and car magnets. There are of course personalized license plates and stickers, but these are even less effective.

The car wrap is by far the grand daddy of them all. It is in many ways the replacement of hand painting on vehicles, which takes more maintenance to keep looking professional. Car wraps allow businesses to advertise over the entire vehicle including the windows. It allows for great color schemes and eye catching graphics. The car wrap beats out any competition near by when driving around town. One great thing about the car wrap is that you can also remove it and not have to worry about repainting the vehicle. The only down side is that the car wrap is very expensive which can be even more costly if your information changes such as a phone number for example. Where I live they are considering changing the area code, so all the business will have to change the area code on all their business advertising, forms, etc.

After a car wrap, vinyl lettering is the next cheapest route for advertising on a vehicle.

Lettering can be done on the car itself or on the glass. The glass is perhaps the most common spot, such as the back window. This not only puts the advertising in the viewers face behind them but also makes it so they can be easily scraped off without messing up the paint job on the vehicle. One of the down sides is that the vinyl lettering does not always read well, especially if there is too much information. Vinyl lettering can also start pealing off as it’s on the outside of the glass.

The last and least expensive method is the car magnet. The car magnet comes in different sizes and thickness. It’s important to get a thicker size as they hold up longer. The good thing about the car magnet is that you can take it off when you are done working and put it back on when you want. Magnets are more effective than lettering when it comes to the sides of the car. Car magnets can be printed in color and are fast and easy to order. If your information changes it is the fastest and cheapest to replace. The only down side is that the advertising space is not as large and as the magnet gets older it can begin to stick to the car and not come off, so be sure to take them off and put them back on once a week It’s also important to keep them clean for professionalism and so they don’t scratch your paint job.

Although I would love to have a car warp, in all practicality the car magnet is the most economical and flexible to change for a beginning window cleaner and seasoned professional. Unless you can afford a $3,000 information change every now and then, I suggest a car magnet with the option of window lettering.